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We have been honored to partner with these clients

World Bank
Army Corps of Engineers
Inter-American Development Bank
Philadelphia Water Department
The Nature Conservancy

“Azavea built a highly scalable and robust machine learning pipeline that allows us to produce high accuracy, high resolution cropland maps for all of Ghana. Their effort in developing this went far above and beyond what we all initially imagined would be the scope of effort, and is a really critical contribution to our project’s success.”

Lyndon Estes
Lyndon Estes Clark University, PhD

“Azavea has been a great partner in developing a web-based decision support tool that presents complex spatial information to water utility technicians in a simple, usable format. Together, we’re helping keep drinking water safe.”

Evan Hansen
Evan Hansen President, Downstream Strategies


We've helped these industries leverage new technologies and the explosion of available data and imagery

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Infrastructure management

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International development

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What We Do

Manage and analyze imagery quickly and easily

Data management

Our customers upload thousands of images per day. Raster Foundry allows them to process remotely sensed data rapidly to create maps and custom analysis seamlessly.

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Training Data Generation with GroundWork

The biggest obstacle to leveraging machine learning is the absence of high-quality training data. Our clients can label and validate images quickly, manage large queues, and improve model performance easily. Or you can leave the work to us.

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Custom AI

Using Raster Vision, our open source library for applying computer vision and machine learning techniques to Earth observation imagery, Raster Foundry can perform object detection, chip classification, semantic and instance segmentation operations.

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Seamless business processes

We've built custom internal business process applications for some of our larger clients. We serve as trusted consultants and long-term maintainers.

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