Empowering International Development with Data

Know What’s Happening on the Ground

Objective, timely information is the crux of every effective international development effort. However, the nature of most international development work, including lack of access to communications technology, language barriers, and massive geographic scale make “objective and timely” information hard to generate. Azavea helps organizations around the world collect, organize, and analyze geospatial data at scale so that decision makers have better information to manage ongoing operations in-country.

Spatial Data is the Lifeblood of International Development

Whether you are working on disaster response in a high-pressure, time-sensitive environment or helping farmers in rural Africa shift management practices over a decades-long campaign, aerial and satellite imagery can be an invaluable source of timely, objective field intelligence. As a certified B-Corporation, Azavea has written into its charter a mandate for creating civic, social, and environmental value in addition to economic value with the projects it takes on. Helping international development organizations execute on their mission directly aligns with our goals as a company.

Open AI Caribbean Challenge: Mapping Disaster Risk from Aerial Imagery

Open Data for Humanitarian Response

We partnered with the World Bank and Driven Data to produce a machine learning competition for identifying roof material in drone imagery of Carribean homes, which can inform disaster risk models and help aid groups be more prepared for the next major hurricane event in the region.

A preview of Open Data for Humanitarian Response

Calculating the Sustainable Development Goals at Scale

Empowering the Global Statistical Community

We worked with Cardno to calculate indicator 9.1.1. of the Sustainable Development Goals, Proportion of the rural population who live within 2 kilometers of an all-season road, for the entire globe.

A preview of Empowering the Global Statistical Community

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