Infrastructure Management Made Simple

Cost effective asset monitoring

Reduce risk by monitoring your assets on a consistent basis with drone and satellite imagery, and catch problems before they become costly and dangerous.

Data is Transforming the Infrastructure Management Industry

Over the past decade, the rise of commercial drone technology and proliferation of affordable satellite imagery has enabled a new paradigm of quantitative monitoring and assessment of valuable infrastructure at scale.

Whether you are working to prevent third-party construction activity along thousands of miles of pipeline right of way or trying to quantify the structural integrity of a single bridge, drone and satellite data is an invaluable resource for modern infrastructure managers. By combining imagery with advanced machine learning techniques, industry leaders are now able to get a more complete picture of the condition of their assets than ever before. Having timely, quantitative data about assets enables better decision-making when it comes to allocating resources and reducing risk across the entire enterprise.

Detecting Spills and Activity Along Pipeline Right of Way

Remote Monitoring of Assets

We partnered with a leading satellite imagery provider to develop change detection algorithms that can identify evidence of oil spills and monitor cleanup efforts along pipeline right of way.

A preview of Remote Monitoring of Assets

Quantifying Rust on Above Ground Storage Tanks

Artificial Intelligence for Asset Inspection

We worked with one of the largest public water utilities in the world to leverage drone imagery and artificial intelligence to identify and measure rust on their inventory of above ground storage tanks and subsequently prioritize which of their thousands of tanks needed to be recoated first.

A preview of Artificial Intelligence for Asset Inspection

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